Durch einen Besucher meiner Homepage und seine Anfrage konnte ich Ahnengleichheit mit seiner Familie (McEwan aus den USA) feststellen. Gemeinsamer Vorfahr ist Paul Heinrich Wüllenweber.


Wilhelm Ägidius (Gilles) WÜLLENWEBER (Wollenweber)

~ 03.06.1775 Gereonsweiler, Sohn von (64) Paul Heinrich Wüllenweber

+ 09.09.1824 in Laffeld

I. oo 14 Jan 1807  Aphoven

Maria Cornelia TETZ


Johann Wilhelm (Jean Guillaume), * 13 JAN 1808 Aphoven-Laffeld

Hermann Joseph, * 15 MAR 1809 Aphoven-Laffeld,

Gerhard (Gerard), 19 AUG 1811 Aphoven-Laffeld

Johann (Jean), * 11 APR 1814 Aphoven-Laffeld

Johann Heinrich, * 19 DEC 1816 Aphoven-Laffeld


II. oo 09.08.1818 Waldenrath (Quelle: Heiratsurkunde)

Anna Cornelia KEIMES, Tochter von Gerhard Keimes und Maria Agnes Heinrichs aus Straeten

~ 22 Apr 1789 Waldenrath (IGI), + 16,06.1827 Straeten


Maria Gertrud, * 05 JUL 1819 Aphoven-Laffeld

Peter Hubert, * 14.05.1821 Laffeld (Quelle: Geburtsurkunde)

Johann Leonhard, * 12 Feb 1823 Aphoven-Laffeld

(Daten aus dem Internet: IGI)




* 14 May 1821  Laffeld

Sohn von Gilles (Ägidius) WÜLLENWEBER oo Cornelia KEIMES

oo 18.04.1844 Ederen (St. Pankratius) (Zeugen: Wilhelm Heinrich Meuser und Leonhard Wüllenweber)

Meuser, Cunigunda (aus Ederen)


Peter Hubert, * 26 Mar 1844 Ederen

Maria Magdalena Hubertina, * 02 Jul 1846

Wilhelm Hubert, * 07 Dec 1848 Ederen

Maria Catharina Hubertina, * 09 Dec 1850 Ederen

Sibilla Hubertina, * 21 Jun 1853 Ederen

Theodor Hubert, * 09 Dec 1858 Gereonsweiler

Peter Joseph Hubert, * 26 Nov 1861 Gereonsweiler

Peter Matthias, * 24 Dec 1864

(Daten aus dem Internet: IGI)



Peter Joseph Hubert WULLENWEBER

* 26 Nov 1861 Gereonsweiler

oo 10th November 1892 in St. Leonard, Shoreditch, London, England

Mary Mathilda Bray

* 1868, Tochter von George Bray

(Daten aus dem Internet: IGI)



Von Mr Ken McEwan erhielt ich weitere Informationen über Peter Joseph Hubert WULLENWEBER:


Peter Joseph Hubert Wüllenweber, was born 27th November 1861 in Gereonsweiler, Germany and died 5th November 1935 in London. He was interred in Streatham Park Cemetery, London on 9th November 1935. Peter had married Mary Mathilda Bray on 10th November 1892 at the Parish Church of St. Leonards, Shoreditch, London. There address was registered as 34 Earl Street in London.

We discovered a number of details about the Wüllenweber family. As shown in the 1911 census Peter and Mary had 7 children:

·         Bertha May Hubertine (“Nanny” – grandmother to Jaqueline McEwan ) – born 19th May 1885 at 3 Northumberland Street, London and died 13th February 1973 in London, England.  “Nanny” had been married once before to Joannes Claudius Marie Joseph Balvay on 14th February 1914 at St. George’s Catholic Cathedral in Southwark, London. According to the marriage certificate Balvay was an advertising manager in the motor trade he was 26 years of age. They were subsequently divorced according to the description shown on the marriage certificate between Nanny and her second husband Rudi Bill. We think Balvay was a French citizen but despite an exhaustive search through various records in England and France we haven’t been able to find out anything about him or what happened to him.

·         Florence Kunigunda (born 9 June 1893 at 10 Longacre WC, London and died 4th October 1963 in London, England). Florence was also employed at the Carlton Hotel, Pall Mall, London as a linen maid from 1st April 1914 until 20th October 1914.

·         Alice Josephine (born 17th March 1897 at 3 Northumberland Street, London and died 16th July 1981)

·         Lilian (“Cissie”) Agnes – (born 12th August 1899 at 3 Northumberland Street, London and died 11th February 1980)

·         Frederick Joseph (born 5th October 1901 at 3 Northumberland Street, London and died 1st May 1969)

·         Wihelm (William) George 4th February 1904 at 11 Wardour Street, London, England died October 1971)

·         Mary Magdalena Elsie (born 27th July 1909 at 87 Lambeth Palace Road, London died 13th May 1983)

·         Irene Cecelia (born 22nd November 1913 at 104 Kennington Road, London died 7th August 2003

Details of each of these families have been explored such as marriages, children, grandchildren etc. and are included in the family tree.

Peter was employed as a hotel porter at the Carlton Hotel, Pall Mall, London from 21st October 1902 until 12th September 1914 when was discharged because of his German nationality. The First World War with Germany began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. Mary Matilda lost her British citizenship when she married Peter and it wasn’t until 10th June 1940 that her British nationality was restored, five years after Peter’s death. 



Census of England and Wales 1911 – Familienblatt Wullenweber