Contents of my HOMEPAGE 

On the sites of my homepage you may read:
  1. News.
  2. Answer to the question: "What is my homepage supposed to be good for?" (Sorry, only in German.)
  3. 8 Generations of the Wüllenweber-family.
  4. Informations about my forefather Paul-Heinrich Wüllenweber, his parents and children.
  5. Informations for the newcomer in Genealogy. (Sorry, only in German.)
  6. In two lists you will find all the ancestors I know. In List I generation 1 to 8, in List II generation 9 to 14, and in List III generation 15 to 17.
  7. ORTE is a register of all places where ancestors came from.
  8. NAMEN is a register of all family-names. The numbers you will find in List I (1 to 511) and List II (512 an higher).
  9. FAMILY-TABLES show all the families of the ancestors: parents, children and grandparents with links to the lower and higher generation.
  10. Mr Christian Mehl sent me a list of ancestors of (1007) Anna Sibilla von Mumm. Now I can look back more than 1000 years.
  11. Here you find informations about "not-related" Wüllenweber-families, which are not related to my ancestors ore where I can't yet see a relationship. Here I also place informations I get from the visitors of my homepage.
  12. If you are interested in history and geography of Africa, look at the pages of Gustav Nachtigal. He travelled in Africa and sent letters, which you may read (1862 - 1872).
  13. WANT ADS
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